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How do I apply for funding?

Instructions on how to apply will be provided in the Request for Proposals. Letters of Intent are required for the Seed Awards and Matching Grants. Proposals must meet the funding priorities and eligibility requirements as detailed in the RFP. All Letters of Intent and full proposals must be submitted through the University of California Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) application portal, https://rgpogrants.ucop.edu. The RFP will be distributed widely through RGPO channels. You may also request to be added to the mailing list by signing up on the UCOP Research & Innovation Climate Action “Contact” webpage: https://uckeepresearching.org/california-climate-action/

How can I decide if I should submit in the Seed or Matching category?

Academic/research institutional collaborations and community/end-user partners are required components of the Matching category (they are encouraged but not required for the Seed category). The proposal must meet all eligibility requirements of the category you select. Applicants should be confident they meet the minimum requirements for the Matching Grant category at the time of LOI submission.  This includes the ability to meet the minimum direct cost match for the proposal as outlined in Appendix C of the RFP. You may not switch award types after your LOI has been approved.  

Can a research group submit multiple LOIs? 

There is no restriction on the number of proposals submitted by a research group, provided no individual serves as Applicant PI on more than one proposal. However, the intent of this opportunity is to stimulate multidisciplinary and cross-institutional partnerships that can advance innovative climate action solutions. Named project participants are expected to make substantive contributions to project activities and outcomes. Research teams are encouraged to submit the strongest single proposal possible to advance their innovative climate action solution, and to leverage partnerships and expertise to meet those goals. 

How can interested individuals get more involved and provide their expertise?

A system-wide webinar was held on Monday, Oct. 17, 2022. A recording of the webinar has been posted at https://uckeepresearching.org/california-climate-action/.

UC campuses and other locations may host and sponsor events to generate dialogues, plan proposals, or support collaborations across institutions and sectors. Please contact the Office of Research of your local institution to inquire about any such planned events.

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