Q & A: Today’s data and past history could add up to a more equitable way to divvy up California’s water

UC Berkeley’s Ted Grantham, PhD, is principal investigator of the COEQWAL project

By Janet Byron, Maven’s Notebook

“We really struggle as a state to convey basic information about California’s water — where it’s coming from and who is using it, when, and where. This makes it difficult to understand how climate change will affect our access to water and to determine what actions are needed to reduce risks to communities, agriculture, and the environment,” says Ted Grantham, PhD, a UC Berkeley associate professor of cooperative extension.

Grantham leads a two-year, $9.1 million research project called COEQWAL, which stands for “Collaboratory for Equity in Water Allocations.” COEQWAL aims to use sophisticated water and climate modeling — coupled with engagement with dozens of diverse academics, regulators, water suppliers, and water users — to provide California with new state-of-the-art water planning and stewardship tools.

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