SOS Richmond Assists San Jose State University in Examining Social Justice in Climate Change Impacts

San Jose State University Student Calla Tillerman (left) and other students (right) on a guided traverse through an encampment to conduct important climate change impact research.

By Safe Organized Spaces Richmond

Dr. Costanza Rampini of San Jose State University, in collaboration with Dr. Greg Pasternack from UC Davis, is embarking on a crucial study funded by a $2 million Climate Action Seed Grant from the University of California Office of the President. This project delves into the social justice implications of climate change impacts, particularly focusing on how these impacts disproportionately affect vulnerable communities in the riparian (creek) ecosystems in Northern California.

Climate change exacerbates extreme weather events, leading to more severe droughts and floods. Communities living along rivers, particularly those who live and sleep outside, are especially hard hit by these environmental changes. Unfortunately, restoration projects often prioritize wealthier areas, neglecting those who are most vulnerable. 

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